Elevator Pitch Advice

CEO Elevator Pitch Competition Advice


1.       No cards, paper, or slides.

2.       Speak clearly, look the audience in the eyes, and speak slowly.

3.       If you feel rushed, you are providing too much information.  The goal of the elevator pitch is just to get the interest of the other party (investor, client, partner, etc.).  You only need to hit the most important points:

a.      What problem are you solving?

b.      How are you solving it?

c.       What is your business model? How will you make money doing it?

d.      What is it going to cost?

e.      What are the returns?

f.        Why should I trust you? What are your sustainable competitive advantages?

g.       Call to action – come talk to me further!

4.       Practice, practice, practice – first with a timer in front of a mirror, then in front of anyone who will listen.  Feedback will improve the final presentation greatly.

The goal is to get the most salient points of your uniqueness and/or value across to the other person to get them to sit down and have a 10 – 60 minute conversation.


Credit to Dr. Eric Dobson

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