CEO Points

CEO Points Prize Raffle

      • 1 Point- Attend Meeting (Name on Sign In Sheet)
      • 2 Points- Pay Dues
      • 2 Points- Refer Friend Who Pays Dues
      • 1 Point- Tweet/FB Post about CEO (w/CEO tagged in post)

We will be holding prize drawings at our social at the end of the semester.  Each point will be worth one raffle ticket in these drawings.  The more points you have, the better chance you have of winning!


Carson West 11
Nat Arfa 11
Martin Crozier 7
Drew Pritchett 7
Tiffany Bell 4
Wes Cunningham 4
Anthony Cespedes 3
Jurgita Waroway 3
TJ McCoy 3
Mikhail Emmanuel 3
Brandon White 2
Emily Bright 2
Alex Adams 2
Emily Skaar 2
Victoria Bassford 2

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